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New wastewater treatment 2T type
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Description:Modern treatment methods are three categories: physical, 2 chemical and physical chemical, biological method 3; degree of treatment was divided into three levels: 1. The suspension is filtered and particles, colloids, and organic solutes decomposition 2, 3. More depth to remove the residue.

First, the nature and treatment of sewage:
According to the order process and the relevant technical requirements, practical guidance to help users understand the use.
Sewage and waste water mixed with said, are to be discarded dirty water, but the extent of pollution are different. Wherein the nature and concentration of pollutants great randomness, there is no standard to refer only get experience through practice in order to master the law of nature and sewage change.
Modern treatment methods are three categories: physical, 2 chemical and physical chemical, biological method 3; degree of treatment was divided into three levels: 1. The suspension is filtered and particles, colloids, and organic solutes decomposition 2, 3. More depth to remove the residue.
The nature and types of sewage situation were different, can take the appropriate method, but chemical and physical methods for small emissions of the user closest: first colloid rapid chemical decomposition to produce floc scattered in the water, followed by physical changes of adsorption between floes, form particles and precipitation, the water separated from the contaminants.
Second, the regulation:
Contaminants from a variety of ingredients, solids, turbidity, color, PH value, etc., constitute the sewage concentration level, a high concentration of sewage water as lack of necessary space, even to pay more drugs can not handle, but increased substance saturated, so the pre-treatment tests, the first of the high concentration and low for all and regulation, so that the processing mechanism in line with the best conditions, so that not only effective but also less chemical consumption.
Example 1: with big cesspool, the late start of concentrated sewage and wastewater collection together light, both natural and water has been adjusted.
Example 2: Only small cesspools, in order to save water and repeated multi-purpose, even the small part of the residual material (fluid) abandoned in the water, this concentration is too high, resulting in processing difficulties; additional pollutants ion, because the proportion of ups and downs stage, to form a water body upper, middle and lower density variations, can be used as a processing vessel sub-regulation, so that compliance with the conditions treated.
1, PH value: After dipstick test based on pH, were added a little lime solution, cement and industrial base as an additive to adjust, PH value of between 7.2-8.5 (slightly alkaline).
2, concentration: first a test of sewage, sewage stirred agents by about 200 g / t ratio test vote, the effect observed after 2-5 minutes, or if you happen to be able to handle a little agents continue; if the administration still does not see double effect, prove the lack of high water concentration, dosing should stop and wait for both the low concentration waste water and adjust until you can handle so far, that is suitable for water and concentration process. At the same time record data for future reference processing.
Test procedure: 1T and 2T type directly with the processor to do the test, 3T type-generation test with kegs are poured into the sewage accounted for 50% of volume, was added and stirred up the agent by mixing 2-5 minutes, colloidal contaminants quickly produce electricityneutralizing the reaction mechanism, the colloidal dispersion was thinning floes (alum), stirring to break up in order to prevent agglomeration of small particles have been long, resulting in water re-colloid stability, you should stop stirring, into the primary sedimentation, Let flocculating gradually develop strong, open stir again after 5-10 minutes, thicker larger particles into cloud adsorption bridge, such as fishing nets sweep volume adsorption of scattered small particles, the water suddenly clear, 2-3 times a gap-type stirring process more fully, then left to settle so that sludge and water separation.
Suitable concentration dosage 160-200 g / t benchmarks.
Initial understanding sewage treatment technology, I do not know regulation is key, think how much can be solved only dosing, the time difference when good treatment effect, even more and more medication, mistaken for drug problems, other conditions are actually in place and the state did not regulate.
Cesspool edge to set up barricades and processing heightened, and take the roof to prevent rain poured, the pool remains open mouth, bottom sediment and corners of the retention area, to promote the circulation, update and prevent mutation, smelly, sewage outlet and into the pool Sewage pumps plus set filter.
Third, flocculation:
After sewage PH value, concentration adjustment, start mixing the sewage transport up into uniform drug, with particular reference to technical rules of each model.
If floc small, muddy water erosion, proved too few doses administered, timely supplementary chemical and slightly extended mixing time, until addressed.
Fourth, precipitation:
The precipitate link is also important, do not be anxious and cut results, in order to
Let better precipitated contaminants from water, precipitation of at least 15 minutes or longer.
If the settlement is not easy or too slow, a small increase of cement increased proportion of particles that is attached to the flocculation effect.
V. Emissions: "Integrated Wastewater Discharge Standard" GB8978-1996 1998.1.1 after
Sewage - refers to the production and living activities discharged water in general.
Sixth, reuse:
After a good water treatment and reuse, although in line with the requirements, except that no water as an ingredient, you can rinse the appliance, the environment and public health, but also other aspects of fish and other water the flowers, both energy conservation, but also means saving treatment costs.
Water reuse rate:
No general nature of water use 80 percent, and the other after filtration or depth of treatment up to 60%
Clear (in) water reuse repeatedly referred to as "zero" emissions, does not mean no emissions, but less emissions. Multiple reuse of water, lack of sterilization, long stored in the tank can not be comprehensive in circulation, with the breeding of various bacteria space, water quality mutate and smelly, and even affect the entire system must be periodically replaced and comprehensive clean-up, so that the whole system is in a fresh flow conditions, especially high temperatures of summer, a few days before or do not prepare, you must put all the water drain clean. (According to the proportion of environmentally friendly fungicides Ge food grade disinfectant 84)
Seven filter:
Processors should temporarily remain part of the sludge from the feedback mechanism, which will help the next process and digest completely, but note that the promotion of circulation and replaced, prevent the junction layer, a long time does not run the sludge to be cleaned up and rinse.
Because of the special role of agents and contaminants gum ingredients are combined, the sludge particles condense and strong, easy filtration and drying can take an ordinary bag filter, the operation is very simple, in order to prevent leakage of small particles, the density of the filter cloth in singles 160-180 mesh, pay attention to water sludge with heavy bags must be disclosed outside of the bracket body care, cloth bag to prevent cracking.
As sludge filtration work less, you can take the traditional multi-cell alternating sand filter is more convenient, economical: the bottom 10 cm thick gravel to pave it hydrophobic, tile layers cloth on the stones, can not pay attention to four weeks there is a gap, finally holes and 10 cm thick sand filter, do not approach each clearing mud cloth, to prevent the break up sand filter. (3T type recommendation zo election Volute machine)
Eight, sludge treatment:
Strict sludge treatment, prevent recontamination, it is the sewage treatment process highest part of the small amount of sewage sludge few, in fact, impossible to complete on their own final processing, natural drying sludge into solid, braided good bag as solid waste, with the qualified department of Sinotrans, thereby achieving the ultimate landfill or incinerated.
Nine, the main technical parameters:


2T type





Go ladder






Sewage tank


Electric control box


Vertical motor


Submersible pumps


Daily output

20 tons


Suitable with convenient built pool, the small amount of sewage user

Ten, process

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