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SQ Series Pneumatic Screen Stretcher
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SQ screen stretcher is more versatile than any other stretch counterparts . It features easy operation, reliability and high power to stretch any fabric both in warp and weft directions. New push-down lock handle and rubber-coated clamps hold the fabric screen in tough way but make the fabric release and load a breeze. Each cylinders have two tiny knobs to deliver independent rods speed control back and forth, good touch in this sentive knobs bringing your pull tension more precision. Multiple leveling bolts in the threaded hole located in the bottom of the stretch clamps and frame holders can finely adjust the frame height to a proper screen contact. Optional stretch area combined with a middle acrossing steel line accommodate to wide range of frame size and this unique design can handle two frames stick work in one time. 


With guage equipped main air pressure regulator, color-coded air line and tough manifold connectors, the screen strech set-up and tension control may be quite easy and minimize operators fatigure a lot. All the requirements like add or substract clamps, change bars widths and even change air lines colors can always be available. In short, The SQ is customized to be your perfect target fabric stretcher ever.


1, Accommodate to wide range of frame size up to 1100×750mm

2, The multiple leveling bolts built in the bottom of clamps and frame holders apply to adjust the frame hight.

3, Push-down lock handle and rubber coated clamps hold the screen in right position free of slipping.

4, Tune the tiny knobs in each cylinders to let the rods move front and back for more accuracy

5, Unique-designed additional accrossing steel line allows operator to do two frame stick work in one time.

6, Main air pressure regulator with guage supplied delivers a visual guide for pressure adjustment

7, Color-coded air lines and tough manifolds connectors

8, Pull the fabric to the proper tension in both warp and weft directions with no tearing happened

9, Rugged construction assures years of satisfied service




 Air Pressure


Standard Stretch Area

1200×900/mm (optional)

Number of Screen Clamps

14 pcs(optional)

Cylinder Specification




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