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Screen printing process four o'clock Notes

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Screen printing process four o'clock Notes
 For network printing by multiple people together to complete the division of labor, only a step on the road to the next process is responsible, good self-check each step, self-inspection, quality control, customer satisfaction in order to produce halftone prints. And good match screen, ink and printing between the three is a prerequisite for good prints. Printing quality directly determines the merits of printing quality, printing plate just to check the quality, but in a stable printing quality of the premise, as the pressman lightly, the same can not be the ideal print, but will result in greater waste, occurrence of defects or waste.
    Before batch printing, printing should be fixed into the ink halftone proofing, check the level of copying graphic layout, ink, ink thickness, size, registration accuracy. If the registration accuracy is poor, can be based on fine-tuning knob to adjust the front frame; if the ink hue is wrong, check if the wrong ink and replace immediately; if bad ink, usable solvents to clean the graphic part of the plate, so that the ink through over performance and on the substrate wettability some improvement; if teletext order harmonic level are quite different, they should immediately replace the print screen. In the printing process must pay attention to the following points.
   (1) ground to see the rules. Since version box at the time of printing constant movement back and forth, so that the plate and frame from impact and shock in the shuttle run, the occurrence of a small displacement between the two, it appeared overprint inaccurate phenomenon, affecting the appearance quality of the product. So to look at the ground rules, timely detection and timely adjustments.
   (2) Regular inspection proofs. It found that lack of ink blots printed immediately with a clean cotton cloth screen. Most of this is due to the broken plastic film or sticky crust dried ink blocking screen on the plate due. If it is found uneven or become pale ink, the ink viscosity may be too large, it should be shut down immediately diluted with a solvent ink viscosity, while wipe with gasoline graphic part of the layout, to prevent ink bleeding or blocking network to facilitate continuous operation.
   (3) semi-finished products stacked neatly. In the stacking process semi-finished products, the two sides must make sagging stacked paper. Otherwise the paper because of their gravity arch formed on both sides of the paper instead of flat upturned, transfer printing paper as difficulties often occur off Zhang phenomenon. Stack of paper is not flat, usable cardboard pad level, while the height of the paper stack to frequent adjustment knob separation mechanism to deliver smooth paper, printing process smoothly.
   Blade (4) drying device has been damaged due to the long-term use, some run the place are not synchronized with the host, often causing chaos bin printed sheets phenomenon. At this point it should be eye grassland, immediately from the chaos of the bottom sheet away, best not to make the ink film surface opposite to avoid sticking caused by defective or bad waste.
    Therefore, only the importance of the impact of various aspects of print quality, in order to print out the fine print, improve yield, reduce consumption increase efficiency, so that enterprises in market competition in the invincible
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