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Bronzing principle and Process Overview

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Bronzing principle and Process Overview
  With the development of the national economy to improve, printing and packaging industry, people requested product packaging: high-end, fine, green, full personalization. Finishing in packaging products, the stamping process because of its unique surface finishing effects are loved by the people, in money, enlarging, medicines, cosmetics and other high-end packaging are applied. Bronzing There are two main functions, one surface decoration, increase the added value of products. Hobbies festive, resplendent as our national traditions, gilding and embossing technology combine to show its luxury; the second is to give the product a high security performance, using hologram positioning hot stamping trademarks, anti-counterfeiting, security brands. Meanwhile, bronzing very able individual performance of the product packaging and safety and environmental protection. Therefore, many high-end packaging have adopted stamping process.
First, bronzing principle
    After a certain temperature and pressure so that the version of instant color foil patterns, text attached to the plastic surface.
Second, bronzing necessary conditions
1, temperature 2, the air pressure
3, 4-color foil, hot decorated version
Third, gold foil version
    High-quality gold foil version is the primary factor in the quality assurance bronzing.
    At present, the production version of the main gold foil etching process using photographic and electronic engraving technology, materials commonly copperplate or zinc plate. Copperplate delicate material, finish, heat transfer surfaces are better than zinc plate, copperplate high quality graphics can increase bronzing gloss and edge sharpness. Traditional photographic etching technology to produce gold foil version of the process simple, low cost, mainly for word, broad-brush, the general image; for finer, graphic thickness uneven bronzing version requires the use of a secondary rotten deep or using electric carving techniques. Electric carving stamping production version can show rich and delicate level changes, greatly expand the package performance capabilities, the process is conducive to environmental protection, but the larger investment carving electrical equipment, the depth of the engraving is not ideal, likely to cause bronzing "paste version." High security holographic gold foil version of the production technology requirements, was mainly produced in Taiwan or abroad longer period the plate, only for fixed, large quantities of packaging products.
Gold foil version is mainly made of the following types of materials:
(1). Silicone version (tire): The general plastic shell, thickness 1.5MM, applicable temperature 180 ℃ -380 ℃
(2). Copperplate: For a lot of pressure depth of bronzing, and durable. Temperature of 120 ℃ -180 ℃
(3). Zincograph: not high temperature, high pressure, a temperature of 120 ℃ -150 ℃
(4). Steel version: have not used
(5). Magnesium alloy version: have not used
Fourth, color foil
(1), the thickness of the foil color: color foil thickness for 6U-35U, 12U plants generally use less hot color ornaments decorated font color foil hot thick paste, thin clearer.
(2), is divided into five color foils: PE film, release agents, coloring layer, adhesive, adhesive agent
(3), color foil Category:
. a general type: generally used for ABS, PVC, PS, PC
. b particular type (PP color foil): generally used for PP, PE
c common type:. ABS, PP applicable (the foil temperature is better)
Fifth, bronzing features
    A clear pattern, beautiful, vibrant colors, wear and weathering. On enlarging printed, bronzing technology applications accounted for more than 85%. In the graphic design on the hot, can play a finishing touch, highlighting the role of design theme, especially for trademarks, the registered name, the effect is more significant.
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