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Discussion: The main types of printing machines

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Discussion: The main types of printing machines
 Printing machine points from the colors are monochrome, color, four-color, six-color and eight-color and so on; from the degree of automation is divided into manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic type, etc., and now also appeared with CTP system printing machine, so that the degree of automation to further improve the printing market. Here mainly from the overall structure of the printing machine and some local key component of the current market analysis of the main printing machine printing market.
    The main types of printing machines
    1. Manual type printing machine
    This printing machine simplest structure, it was thought that such a machine should be off the market, in fact, until now a lot of high-end watches and other devices such panels are used printing machines printing equipment supplies. Of course, such machines generally do not appear in large printing companies, small workshops in many applications but more printing technology. The disadvantage is obvious, such as low productivity, once printed a large amount is difficult to guarantee the consistency of all the quality of prints, but its operation is simple, small investment, so the market is still very active in the printing market.
    2. The opening ceremony of the ink tank printing machine
    Printing head can move around, it's following a printing plates, ink tank ink is scraped with plate above squeegee device, printing head in contact with the steel plate inking equipment supplies. This design is simple, widely used in high-volume printing machine in the printing market.
    3. Closed ink cup system
    Such a system in the past was considered universal type of printing design, a Swiss watch company has been using the system for 35 years materials market. Ink is contained in a closed cup oil, the oil cup can move parallel to the plate for ink printing tools. When the oil cup directly above the plate, ink can flow graphic part of the steel plate, and when the oil cup left, scraping the oil cup ring on the non-image portion of the ink scraped printing tools.
    4. Transition wheel printing machine
    This structure is obtained from the design to gravure, more suitable for printing roll-type or continuous substrate printing union leaflets. It consists of printing plates, ink tank and the printing rollers consisting of silica, drum-type steel are dipped into the ink tank, the printing plate is rotated clockwise, the above ink were blown down, scrape; printing roller backward clockwise, and steel drum to pressure, so the ink on the plate is transferred to the printing rollers; eventually, printing rollers in contact with the substrate, the ink transfer is completed in central China.
    5. The hybrid-type printing machine
    The machine was originally designed ceramic printing, pad printing and screen printing using a mixed form of printing tools. It does not use printing plates, ink is printed through the net to the underlying silicone coating, after which the printing head in contact with the silicone layer, taking the above ink, and ultimately printed onto the substrate in central China. This structure combines the many advantages of screen printing and pad printing, such as screen printing can be printed many can not complete surface (such as double surface), and the selectivity ratio of screen printing ink printing union stronger.
    6. Satellite formula
    This is a printing machine designed to rotate in a plane on multicolor presses, controlled by the cam center, up to 750 revolutions per hour, if you can print four-color to 250 per hour, this machine is suitable for small and medium printed volume printing tools. It consists of two rotating platforms and central control components central printing. Place a platform substrates, put another platform plate printing tools. This machine is suitable to take outside the single major company, because these relatively small print jobs, but also a multi-color, use the model more cost effective printing union.
    7. The printing machine with CTP System
    In the field of printing, CTP has non-novelty, currently in offset printing, flexographic printing has been widely used, even in the screen printing field, we could see the growing popularity of CTP printing union. But the field is for printing, CTP system in which the application has only just begun printing technology. CTP system is applied to gravure printing, to ensure user access to digitized image file, the system uses a laser high-quality gravure printing plates without the use of film, exposure apparatus and chemical agents such as printing tools. Automated enhance production efficiency, image quality and fidelity of the cost savings of intaglio printing with a clear advantage over other existing printing tools plate technology. Of course, this investment is that many users first consider the issue equipment supplies
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